Bet You Haven’t Seen These

YO, I am so excited to be writing this blog post. I haven’t written in quite a while so I thought I should write about something fun and chill.

One thing about myself is that I LOVE talking about movies and I LOVE finding odd, not-so-known movies that are really good. I thought I would share some of my favorite findings with you guys and maybe give you some options to watch when nothing on Netflix appeals to you. I hope you find this as enjoying as I do! 🙂

1. After the Dark (2013)

If you are into hypotheticals and movies that mess with your mind and make you think, I highly recommend this one!! Basically, it’s about this professor who takes his college student into these hypothetical situations of the apocalypse. The world is ending and there is one bunker that can hold 10 people that will keep them in for exactly a year until it is safe to go outside. However, there is more than 10 people in this class so they have to choose who can live in the bunker to essentially rebuild society after the year is up. The students are given these cards with their careers on one side and a potentially dangerous detail on the other. For example, One student may be a doctor, but *flip*, he has just been diagnosed with cancer so he may not make it through the full year of the bunker; do you risk it? There is a lot of twists and turns throughout the whole movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is at times quite odd and kind of disturbing but overall a stinkin’ good movie..

BTW the beginning scene is a little sketch (you’ll know what I mean) but after that it should be good.

You can watch this movie now on Amazon Prime!

2. The Longest Week (2014)

This one, I must concede, my mom found, I did not. BUT, it was an amazing find, regardless. Thanks mom. So this will satisfy any romantic itch you may have. It is set in a modern time but is almost portrayed as an old French film with the overcast lighting, cool weather, and brick streets and apartments. I just love it. This whole movie shows a week (go figure) in a (kind of) rich guys life. He ends up falling for his best friends love interest and begins a secret romance that must stay hidden.

*side note*- I do to condone this behavior in a relationship, stay within yo boundaries, thank you.

Anyway, his best friend finds out and this big ordeal happens and its just a great watch. Very interesting and it does not have the type of ending one would predict it to be. Although the ending kinda sucked in that it went the way I didn’t want it to go, I still appreciate the producers not being totally cliche. I respect that.

You can find this movie on Netflix!

3. Romeo and Juliet (2013)

Before you completely trash me, let me just explain why this is so good.

*clears throat*

Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) stars in it.

I know all my ladies will agree with me when I say that if Ed Westwick is in a movie, it is bound to be poppin’. For those of you who do not know who this beautiful human is… get cultured.

This is your modern-ish twist on the classic Romeo and Juliet. It’s not like the one with Leonardo DiCaprio, that one is a little too modern and just, well, weird. This keeps to the more midevil kind of era that it originally took place in, just with better cameras. I really like anything that comes from this type of era and Romeo and Juliet is just a classic so I just very much enjoy watching it. Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth (from LOL) play the roles of Romeo and Juliet and they are just so legit, as always.

This movie can be viewed on Netflix!

4. Beauty and the Beast (the French version)

I am not joking when I say… this is one of the best movies ever created. I had always past by it when I was browsing through Netflix but never thought it could be even remotely good. But one day, the Lord blessed my life as I clicked play on this movie. This is a twist on your classic Beauty and the beast you are probably familiar with. This version is more similar to the Grimm brothers version of this tale, which I personally find a lot more interesting. Does that make me sound morbid for saying that? Whatever. This movie has excellent graphics and a unique story line that keeps drawing you in further as the story goes a long. There is more action in this one (good for the guys with pride issues) and there is still that overlying theme of the love between Belle and the beast.

There is something you should know before going into it.. The film was originally made in French so all of the actors and actresses are speaking in French. But that audio was taken out and voiced over with accented English. The words don’t match the mouth but it very quickly becomes unnoticeable. So please bear with it. I promise you will not regret watching this film. If you want to uncover a little piece of my heart and what I thoroughly enjoy, watch this movie.

You can find it on Netflix!

Another reason I enjoy this film and it’s story line is the way the gospel can be so clearly perceived though it. We see the beast as this hideous, wretched creature that was exiled from the rest of the world and doomed to live in his own despair for eternity.  But then comes this girl who sees this beast for who he truly is and gets to know his heart better as she pursues to know him more genuinely. She loves him despite what the world labels him as and how he sees himself; broken and unloveable.

That is how our relationship with Christ is. We are the beast. We are the ones that are filled with despair. We are a hideous creature that is doomed for eternity in separation from the Lord. But thats not how the story ends. Jesus pursues us and knows us for who we are in Him. He loved us regardless of our sin and unrighteousness and disobedience and weaknesses. And because of His love he has shown for us on the cross, he has transformed us into His beautiful children and made us holy and blameless before the Father, just as Belle’s love for the beast transformed him in to something beautiful.

Lord, I thank you for refreshing my heart for writing as you have given me this topic to write about and have fun with. Thank you that we can see the Gospel through everything in this world, even in something like a fairy tale. I pray over the people who will read this post, that they will seek You in the ordinary and see the Gospel in everyday occurrences. Thank you for giving us times to recharge and relax when we lay down and watch movies and just be still. We love you and praise You.



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