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Prayer over the ministry

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This is a new ministry! We need your prayers!


Prayer is powerful there is no questioning that, and we truly believe that God will work wonders through and with this ministry. We ask that everyone who is viewing the site before we actually release to pray over the ministry.

Prayer requests
  • Pray that no matter what we do as a ministry that our top priority is giving all the Glory to God!
  • Pray that God will provide finically
  • Consider Donating
  • Pray that God uses the ministry to seek out the lost
  • Pray that we can provide a home for the hurt, and that God work through us to reach those people
  • Pray that God do the impossible with this website
  • Pray that God’s will always be done now and forever


This are just a few of our prayer requests! In James its talks about praying with full expectancy and without doubt! We know that God will use this ministry to reach lost people. Weather it gets popular or not is not the point, the point is that if even one lost or hurting person falls upon us, and we get to shine as a light in there life, then our job is accomplished!


God Bless


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