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Website Update Log #2

I will be posting daily up until the official launch of the website, Ill be giving you, a list of features added from the day before. Ill also be posting a list where features that I want to add will be placed.


–Features Added–

  • Contact Us Forums
  • About Us Page
  • Donate Page(Still need to add the donation paypal properties)
  • Site Logo
  • Donate Logo
  • Facebook sharing
  • God Is Good
  • Facebook Page(Go like it!)
  • Email Newsletter
  • An Encouragement Video Page
  • A Newsletter Page
  • Photographer
  • Clean Design
  • God IS GOOD
–Features To Add–
  • A member Login System
  • Prayer Request Forum
  • Editor Application
  • Photographer Application
  • Paypal Accessibility(this is used to donate)
  • A Discussion Page(Used to communicate, we will need admins for this apps will come soon)

An upcoming event page, you will be able to find a list of upcoming concerts and events Nation Wide, for select artists


This list will be updated everyday, new features will be added everyday, and please send an email to me(via Contact Us) if you have any suggestions, because we need all that we can get.




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