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The Night When God Showed Up! (Testimony)

Hey guys, this time I am not back with a sermon or a devotional. Instead I am back with something completely different and foreign to Grace Nation Ministries.

Well lets get started, I have started reading this book, called “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist” when I started reading it I thought for sure it was just going to be a book that bashed the Big Bang and brought up all of the evidence that sent the theory of evolution down the toilet. However when I started reading it, it started talking about a lot of interesting topics and ways to share the Gospel to atheist’s. It went into the topic of, even if we had all the evidence that God existed and you could physically hold God in your hand and see Him with your eyes that people would still reject him. After it talked about that it gave some real world examples of how this happens.

Well I have a youth group meeting on Wednesday nights and I have about 3 hours in between school and the time that I arrive at youth. I usually fill this time counseling others, or meeting with mentors. However this time when I was planning my weekly meeting before youth I felt a different call for some reason. I knew for a fact that it was God calling me to go out SOMEWHERE and share the gospel. So I rallied up the troops, which consisted of some of my closest friends and we headed out. My thought process was why sit around at Starbucks and talk about peoples problems or mistakes.

  1. If all we do as Christians sit around and talk about how we can be better Christians is all we do we are actually making no progress.

So we headed into a local neighborhood. We had probably gone to about 8 houses and got all kinds of responses. We saw people who thought that they were going to heaven because they were catholic, and we saw people who had truly given their life to Jesus.

As we approached the 9th house something interesting happened. one of the guys with me knows who lived at that house. he got instantly nervous  and knew that even though he would rather skip the house, that this was something he had to face. Keep in mind the people in this house had openly rejected Christ time and time again. As we walked up the front porch and knocked on the door no one answered. I could see my friends face, PHEWWWWWW!!!!!! I chuckled a little bit by his reaction. So as we walked down the drive way, we see a car in the distance. It was literally pouring and we were soaked. We really couldn’t see that far down the road, all we knew is that a car was nearing us and it had lights on. As it gets closer, it takes a left and pulled into the drive way where to their surprise 3 guys where standing. They stop in the middle of the driveway and role down the window. There was a Mom and a son in the car probably about 15 years old.

“Hey would you be open to answering a question?” – Me

“Umm. Sure go ahead” -Mom

“its a spiritual question is that alright?” -Me

“Sure” -Mom

“If you were to stand before the Lord tonight, and He were to ask you “Why should I let you into heaven” How would you reply?” -Me

She thinks for about 2 minutes, while we are still being rained on 😀

“I honestly have no clue” -Mom & Kid

BOOM… The door has opened to share the Gospel. After we spend about 10 minutes with them just sharing the gospel and the true Love that Jesus has for them individually I proceeded to ask them if they would like to accept Jesus as Lord. TO MY SUPRISE THEY SAID YES!

So I led them through a simple prayer and we gave them some tracks and tickets to a movie that our church is holding where we can get to know their family a little bit better.

We went to 12 houses that night and two people surrendered their lives to Christ, and it is truly something that I will never forget and I am certain they wont either!

Be Blessed



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