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My Journey to Africa

Has God ever called you to do something that seemed impossible? Or maybe it didn’t just seem impossible it was impossible? Well I have definitely experienced this…I’m going to share with you how God not only called me to something that was impossible but how He showed up and made the impossible possible..because God can do cool things like that.

So.. I have always had a tug in my heart towards Africa. I remember being in High School and thinking it would be awesome to go there one day. It wasn’t until March 19th, 2015 that I realized why this tug was there. I work in Youth Ministry and it was a Wednesday night when we had a missionary from an organization Call to Africa come and speak to our Youth. He came up and just shared what God was doing through their ministry in Africa. While He was speaking God began to really speak to me that I was supposed to go on the upcoming trip to Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I didn’t share with anyone what I was feeling but little did I know that feeling was not going to go away.

The next day my mind was constantly thinking about Africa and God continued to confirm that I needed to GO. But of course the doubt and questioning set in. I had all these reasons why not to go..fear..what would my boyfriend think..I had never been out of the country..I would have to take off work..I barely had enough money to pay my bills.. The enemy was using all of these things to try and get me not to go. But…in that moment God spoke to me and said “Do you REALLY love me? Do you love me more than all of these reasons you can’t go? More than anything?” In that moment I said yes, of course I love you! But He was calling me to be obedient. So in that moment I said Yes to God and Yes to what He was calling me to.

That afternoon I called Pastor Ken, the head of Call to Africa. The trip was only a month a way so I wasn’t even sure I would be able to go. I called and found out there was still time to be able to go, but all the other plane tickets were purchased so I was told I needed $2,000 in less than a week in order to book my flight and the longer I waited the less likely I could be on the same flights as everyone else. It was a Friday afternoon and the finance staff at church had already gone for the day. This meant I couldn’t even set up a fundraising and would have to wait until Monday. I began to pray, I began to tell God if He wanted me to go He needed to provide. 

I went home thinking how am I going to do this? There is no way.. The next morning I received phone call and guess what? The person said, I made a phone call and I have the $2,000 for your flight. Pull the trigger. I was in complete SHOCK. How is that for confirmation. I didn’t even need the fundraising page. God provided the $2,000 in less than 24 hours. 

Remember how I said I had never been out of the country? Guess what that meant? I didn’t have a passport, I had never needed one. If you know anything about Passports they can take over a month to get in.. And I didn’t have a month. I tried to make an appointment over the weekend and couldn’t get in anywhere, also all the places were booked up for months. But God once again, provided and I found a place that could get me in Monday. I had to expedite my passport but even then the lady said she didn’t think it would get here in time because even with expediting the process people were waiting over a month. I began to pray over that paperwork as I handed it over to the lady. Second thing that was impossible: No passport. But… I ended up receiving my passport in 3 weeks!!!!

I also had to get about 5 vaccinations and still had to raise $3,400. Oh I forgot to mention, I had no money to pay for my passport or vaccinations. Guess what God did? He provided money for my passport and vaccinations and I ended up raising over the $3,400 trip cost in less than a month! So we were able to use the other money to give and minister to the people in Africa. So I share all this with you to say:

He is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE
If He calls you to something He will PROVIDE
God sometimes calls you to be UNCOMFORTABLE
God HEARS you and SEES you

Not only did God grow my faith in HUGE ways through this journey, He also used me in ways I never thought possible. He also allowed me to share my story of Faith and God doing the impossible to encourage the people in Africa who face many impossible situations daily. I wish I could share more but you have already been reading for a while if you made it this far.. haha Maybe another blog.. but in a nutshell: Africa changed my life. A piece of my heart will always be there. Don’t be afraid to say yes to Jesus and whatever He is calling you to, even if it seems impossible.

Here are some pictures from my trip!


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Be Blessed



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