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Thought of the Week – Invention v. Inventor

Thought of the Week

Invention v. Inventor

Invention –

  1. the action of inventing something, typically a process or device:

Inventor –

  1. a person who invented a particular process or device or who invents things as an occupation.

What do you love more? The invention or the Inventor? You see as humans we so often get caught up in these earthly objects, like, money, cars, houses, jobs, fame, and so much more. Our eyes are taken off the One who invented everything! So lets take our eyes off what the invention(Invention in this terminology means idols, and things that distract us from God. Obviously we can use his invention to glorify Him!) has for us, and look to the one who invented these things because He loves us.

Exodus 20:3

You shall have no other Gods before me.



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