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I’ll Go


Dear God, as we dive into Your word, I pray that you just remove all of my words from my mouth, Lord completely encapsulate this time and Lord I just pray that you speak to those reading. Lord I pray for the person who accidentally clicked on this sermon, Lord open their eyes to your word. Lord I pray for the regular reader that has read almost every post on Grace Nation, Lord I pray that you will soften their hearts, help them read and just see you. Lord remove all hardened hearts and open the eyes so that you may speak to them. Lord and I pray for everyone else that we are just able to take some awe-inspiring truths away from the sermon today. Lord, just open our eyes, and fill our minds with your power and the desire to pursue you and your will for us, all the days of our lives. We love You, We praise You, and in Jesus name we pray. -Amen

Before we begin this post which I have titled, Send Me, I’ll Go, I would like you to read these lyrics from a song called Send Me, which actually encouraged me to write this very sermon. I have bolded some of the text that should be remembered. This may cause conviction, however its such a good song and has so many implications, that I cannot wait to dig into to.

Send Me -Lecrae

I Seen it wit my own two
Theres no way I can show you
A perfectly poverty stricken people with no view
And I bet you can’t believe this
They never heard of Jesus
Heard of Young Buck, Lil’ Wayne, and Young Jeezy
No One signing up to go on missions this summer
Rather sit at home and watch Xzibit pimpin a hummer
While a nine-year-old is shot down
No one screamin, “Stop now!”
No bridge illustrates for criminals who on Lockdown
People deep in Africa, lookin for an answer bra
In China men are dyin men until they know who died for sin
So, look what grace did
Not for us to stay in
Inside our comfort zones at home in Momma’s basement
Get out on the grind ya’ll, aint no better time dog
I know you read the Great Commission let me just remind ya’ll
Make Disciples of the Nation teach them to obey the Lord
Hate to never lead someone to Christ before I see the Lord

Hey, after 1000 years in the west and the church is
Gettin bigger daily without understandin worship
Some regenerated but alot aint saved
You walk outside and be surprised cause the block aint changed.
And the numbers they be gettin them
Somethin still aint hittin them
American’s aint Christian they just practicin the ritual
Thats why we should be missional hey what you think I’m spittin for
United States is dyin and the east is lookin pitiful
Some places if they catch you they’ll arrest you and they’ll serve you
But they still need the word too the gospel should be heard too
We claim we aint ashamed but yet we still aint hit the block up
We in our Christian bubble while our brothers gettin locked up
Lord I wanna Stop up
Take a bag and Walk up
In a country where sharin my faith may get me Shot up
Anyway ya go whether my city, Lord or Far abroad
I just wanna show ’em Jesus Christ the risen Holy God.

I know they dyin in the streets
Over in the Middle East
Some kids seekin peace
Others holdin up a piece
If the violence doesnt cease
Then at least, the deceased
Might know Jesus as their savior as their body hit the streets
And I know this is a graphic view
I pray that its attackin you
‘Tractin you, to act and do what you see in the back of Luke
Matthew 24 and 14 We should read it twice
Before we think that life is just about us bein free in Christ
Look dog, life is more than Church, Work, and Football
What if you were dead in sin and Christians overlooked ya’ll
This is why we leave the couch and leave the comforts of our house
To show a dyin world a God they’d prolly never read about

Yeah…The Great Commission says make Disciples of all nations
Have we even made em in our own nation?
Come on Christians
Missions exist because worship doesnt
People don’t worship the God that made them
We Ambassadors..Let’s Go!

Kind of a heavy song, Go ahead and read it a few more times so that you can fully grasp the gravity of what is being talked about.

Lets read the verse that this post is all about and it comes from Isaiah 6, which describes Isaiah’s commissioning from God.

Isaiah 6:8-10

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

He said, “Go and tell this people:

“‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding;
    be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’
10 Make the heart of this people calloused;
    make their ears dull
    and close their eyes.[a]
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
    hear with their ears,
    understand with their hearts,
and turn and be healed.”

“The counsel of God concerning Isaiah’s mission. God is here brought in, after the manner of men, deliberating and advising with himself: Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? God needs not either to be counselled by others or to consult with himself; he knows what he will do, but thus he would show us that there is a counsel in his whole will, and teach us to consider our ways, and particularly that the sending forth of ministers is a work not to be done but upon mature deliberation.”

-Matthew Henry’s Commentary

This is such a great point concerning the question that God asked, why did He ask that question? What was the purpose? Well it gives us somewhat of a guide to follow, that sending people out is no silly matter, we don’t need to be sending out more false teachers that there already are. It is not a fact that God does not know what to do, God knows good and well what He is going to do and how it will play out. He says it simply to give us a path or a guide when we are sending ministers out into the field.

Then said I, Here am I; send me. He was to go on a melancholy errand; the office seemed to go a begging, and every body declined it, and yet Isaiah offered himself to the service… We must not say, “I would go if I thought I should have success;” but, “I will go, and leave the success to God. Here am I; send me.” ”

Matthew Henry’s Commentary

This is my favorite part, Isaiah’s response to the question, He simply volunteered. THATS ALL, he had faith, he trusted God, Isaiah knew full well that this trip was going to be full of persecution, and hardships. Isaiah didn’t care, as long as it is in Gods hands and God was glorified through it, Isaiah was not just content with volunteering, he volunteered JOYFULLY. I picture a magician on stage and asking the audience for a volunteer, and kids jumping up and down with excitement for the magician to choose them. The kids GO WILD, THE FREAK OUT. THEY WANT TO GET PICKED. that’s the type of excitement and more that Isaiah felt when he was volunteering.

Lets follow Isaiah’s example og how our hearts should be towards GOING, and doing Gods will.

Lets Pray, Dear God I just thank you for allowing me to be here today. Lord I just thank you for the ability to just write about you. I just pray that you give us the desire to go out and serve this earth for you the same way Isaiah was pumped to go out and do your task. No matter what may happen, Lord I pray that you give us the boldness to go serve you in areas that have not been reached yet. Places where we could die, places where your gospel needs to be heard! There are no excuses for not serving you with all of our lives. Lord I thank you for everything. We love You, praise You, and thank You, and in Jesus name we pray Amen.

See yall next time


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