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So What’s Next?

What’s the next move Vic?

Very good question, well I have some awesome news, I am now a college student. I will be majoring in Advanced Theology, and pursuing a Masters in Divinity. As that is awesome news, that means that my schedule and studies are going to be a lot heavier than they have been in the past. On top of that I will be working a part time job to help pay for schooling and necessities. So the plan is to continue posting to Grace Nation, and to continue to update as much as possible, I think the new college crowd is going to open up a new audience to the ministry and will hopefully open up a ton more opportunities for expansion in the future. I have a lot of spare time in the evenings so that will probably be when you see a lot of the posts appearing on the site.

I need your help! I primarily need your prayers for the ministry that God takes it to a new level and that God blesses what is being done here at Grace Nation. Secondly social media is our biggest advertiser right now, which means I need social media sharing to get the word out there. Which means sharing sermons and posting about the ministry. Lastly any financial help that you are willing to provide is much appreciated as it is not free to host a site like this and my budget is shrinking every month.

Thank you so much for all of the continued support and prayers, and hopefully this new chapter of life will open many doors to evangelize and disciple in a clean and effective manner.

Thank you so much!


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