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Where are we going?

Where is Grace Nation going for the rest of the year?

Hey guys this is Victor and I just wanted to come on here and ask some questions. I really need some responses, I want to know what you guys want to see from Grace Nation! I want to know Sermon Topics you guys want to see, and I also want to know if there is anything that the website should add or take away! I am open to all suggestions. However I really need some responses so please shoot me some ideas! You can either comment on this post, or you can go to the Contact us page and send me an email. Both options work just fine.

What are my goals by the end of this year? Well I have a few personal goals, as well as goals that I want to keep in mind for the entire website.

  • I would love to optimize the website
  • I would love to increase traffic to over 100 views a day
  • I would love to post content everyday, however I will probably shoot for every other day
  • If I begin to post more frequently I need your help on topics
  • I want to build a community… a family, which means we need more comments and Face Book shares.
  • I would love to get other writers involved
  • Lastly… I really need the core group of people who view the site to spread the word, share on socials, and be vocal on the site via comments.


This ministry has a bright future! I want to reach as many people with the gospel as possible.  So please keep us in your prayers, and continue sharing on socials. Thank you so much.



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