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Here we go again!

Hey guys welcome back to Grace Nation Ministries its update time!

1)  College is going great.

2) I work an average of 30 hours a week, on top of being a full time student

3) I aced my Theology mid-term #98%

Some things have changed over the past few days and I am excited to announce that I am not working nearly as many hours a week! In fact they have gone down to an average of about 10 hours a week. Which means more  time to be able to post sermons and more blog posts! This also means that I can begin to focus on Grace Nation in a long term mindset. I am beginning to make long term goals and I know that God is going to allow this thing to grow to reach the masses. However I need you guys!

Things I need from you!

  1. Prayer for the mission of the website, NOT for the site to grow, but for the God to use this site to change peoples lives for the gospel.
  2. I need a team of people to share the website ALOT! This means every post that is published I need liked and shared, this reduces advertising costs on my end and it is better spread through you guys!
  3. Donations! I know that I have been inconsistent, however I cannot support the site being up forever, and with the expansions that I am planning to do will require quite a bit of funding, which is fine, if it is supposed to happen then God will allow the proper funding to take place.

With all that being said, what do you guys expect from me?

  1. Posts every week, now it is hard to give a date when you can expect the posts every week, however tentatively you can expect 2 a week, a blog/Bible study on Tuesday and a sermon on Friday.
  2. An updated website with better layouts and better efficiency.
  3. Constant additions of new features.
  4. Guests posts, including scholars and notable pastors.
  5. Long term is to plant a physical location (Location unknown) this is very long term goal, however with God we are dreaming big.

So consider this somewhat of an unofficial re-launch, I have to apologize for being inconsistent with posting, however I pledge to make a better effort from here on out.

Dear God I come to prayer tonight just to ask that you help remain sovereign in my eyes, Lord I am so thankful for everything that you have done in my life! Lord I pray for Grace nation Lord keep me accountable for working on the website! Lord change lives through the work on this site. Lord I love you I praise you and Jesus name we pray Amen.

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