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Ezra Theological Outline and Theme

Ezra Theological Themes and Outline

Special Focus Topics

  1. New Exodus in Ezra

Outline of Ezra

  1. Zerubbabel’s Physical Restoration (1-6)
    1. The exile’s return (1-2)
    2. The temple rebuilding (3-6)
  2. Ezra’s Spiritual Reform
    1. Ezra’s return (7-8)
    2. Ezra’s reform (9-10)

Historical Background of Ezra

  • The Author of Ezra is King Cyrus of Persia (Ezra 1:1)
    • This man is an unbeliever, and he worships false Gods, yet God uses him to deliver His people.
  • In the tone of the way that Cyrus is speaking, it seems as if he is willingly allowing the Israelites leave.

A New Exodus

  • Isaiah prophesied a “new thing” to God’s people in captivity:
    • 42:9; 43:14-21
    • In verses 43:14-21 what do you notice that is surprising? Surprising that the superpower of the earth (Babylonians) are going to become captives.
  • Including what that “new thing” would look like:
    • 40:3-5; 41:18-19; 49:9-11
  • Prophecy: Isaiah’s vision of a New Exodus for the captives of Babylon
    • Release
    • Desert Journey
    • Back to the Lord
    • God is in their midst.
  • Theological Theme: Fulfilment Ezra 6:16-22
    • The image of salvation in the OT is when God brings people out of slavery into His glorious light. God satisfies their deepest longing, by satisfying their deepest longing (God).
  • Ezra a new Moses: Ezra 7:10
  • Passover: Celebrating the deliverance out of bondage to go into the Promise Land and to build a temple.
    • For Moses
    • For Ezra (Ezra 6:19)
    • For the Christians (Passover >>> Lord’s Supper)

Theological Lessons from Ezra 1

  • Ezra 1:1,5
  • God can move circumstances to accomplish His plan.
  • God can mold the free choices of people, even unbelievers to accomplish His previously determined will. (Cyrus freely chooses what God had predetermined him to do.)


Main Points of the New Exodus in Ezra

  • Prophesized by Isaiah, fulfilled in Ezra
  • Ezra a new Moses
  • Deliverance out of bondage
  • To go into promised land
  • To build a temple
  • To enjoy God in their midst
  • Celebrated by Passover


As the priests began to stray from the Lord, they moved from being the spiritual leaders to the political leaders. (We see this fully in Jesus time (1st Century)) As they strayed God moved the scribes into the spiritual leader position, this was Ezra’s role.







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