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Nehemiah Theological Themes and Outline

Nehemiah Theological Outline and Themes  

Outline of Nehemiah

  1. Return to Jerusalem (1-2)
  2. Rebuilding begins (3-4)
  3. Rebuilding threatened (5-7)
  4. Covenant Renewed (8-10)
  5. Renewing the worship (11-13)

Pastors tend to only preach the 1st half of the book (Physical restoration) This outline will only be focusing on the 2nd half (Spiritual restoration)

Lessons on Worship on from Nehemiah

  • 7:73-8:1 They asked the leader (Ezra) to come and read the word to the people. Also, take note that it was the 7th month v73.
  • 23:23-25 This is the feast of trumpets, and it looks as if the people in the time of Ezra were celebrating the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast is supposed to take place on the first day of the 7th month.
  • 8:1-8 – How did they worship?
    • They read the Bible, but they also explained what it meant. v3 and v8
    • They stood when the Bible was read v5
    • The people raised their hands v6
    • They bowed down v6
    • They explained what was being read v8
    • They listened v3
    • They praised the Lord v6
    • The people where attending v7
    • Ezra stood up on a wooden platform v4
  • Do these things seem familiar? These are all probably all things that you do at church on Sunday.

Basic Principle:

  • Early Christians turned Jewish worship into Christian worship
    • Some Jewish holy days became Christian holy days
      • Pentecost was a harvest celebration; in Acts 2 we see that at the day of Pentecost the people celebrate a spiritual harvest. (2,000) converted.
      • Passover Meal (recollection of OT salvation) which is seen now as the Lord’s Super (recollection of Jesus’ salvation)

Feast of Booths

  • Lev 23:33-43
  • The shelters recalled the deliverance out of the bondage of Egypt
  • The inter-testament celebration of the feast anticipated a new deliverance out of Roman bondage at the coming Messiah
  • 14:1-16
  • The Mount of Olives was a center of Messiah’s coming victory over the enemies of Israel.
  • Feast of Booths Zech. 14:16
  • The inter-testament times, the palm leaves at the Feast of Booths began to symbolize both messianic victory (leafy victor’s crowns), and Messiah’s reign (a paradise like eden).



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