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Reads I am Looking Forward to in 2017

There are three books that I am very excited to dig into this year, but I have not read them yet so I cannot know for sure if I would recommend them. However, they are written by trustworthy authors, so if you feel like you want to read the books along with me I will leave links to the amazon pages where you can find them for purchase.

3. Chosen But Free

By: Norman L. Geisler

I have been studying predestination for about two years now on and off, and I have already established my own opinion. However, I love studying others perspectives on the topic and Geisler is an author that I enjoy reading! He supports all of his claims with biblical evidence and I admire his knowledge and maturity in the Lord. I have not seen a well-supported middle ground between free will and election (Calvinism), so I look forward to reading what Geisler has to say on the topic. Hopefully he can provide a new perspective on predestination.

Purchase the Book Here: Chosen But Free

2. Conformed To His Image

By: Kenneth Boa

This book is definitely more of a textbook, and, ironically, that is exactly what it is for me. I am taking a class entitled “Theology of Sanctification” this upcoming semester and this is the book that we are required to read. This book is written primarily for College and Seminary students, but even if you are not in Bible school and you just want to expand your knowledge on the topic, I would recommend purchasing this book. This book explains the 12 approaches to Christian spirituality in-depth. I am so excited to begin this study, especially in a classroom setting. The book also has a section after each chapter that challenges you to apply what you are learning to your personal life which is a great addition! In short, this book seems to have great reviews and I know that my school has chosen it for the class for a reason, so I am excited to dig into it.

Purchase the Book Here: Conformed To His Image

1. The Holy Bible

By: God

This is definitely my most exciting read for the year. I have already read it, of course, but that doesn’t mean that I have concluded my Bible reading. God’s word is alive and breathing and it is His way of speaking to us. I read the Bible daily, as should all of you who consider yourselves Christians. Commentaries and devotions are good and fruitful, but nothing will surpass reading the Bible for what it is. God can use some of the most simple passages to encourage and motivate you in your walk with Him. I find it interesting that not even the smartest Bible scholar in the world can fully understand all that the Bible has for us, yet a 3 year old can understand the Gospel. It is truly a beautiful thing!

Purchase the Book Here: The Holy Bible (ESV Study Bible)

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