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The Crash…


I was answering a question for class while writing this! It was so amazing before I did my reading I prayed a simple prayer saying.

“Dear Lord, speak to me as you would in a devotional.”

Although it was not a devotional God truly did speak to me while writing and I am so grateful. Here is the result…

Theology of Sanctification

“The scriptures drive home these images to remind us that our stay on this earth is briefer than most of us are inclined to think” (Boa p.59). We hear the phrase, “we don’t value our time until we have none left,” and to think that without the hand of God in my life I would not be in this classroom right now. When I read this, a flood of memories came to mind like the time when a semi-truck T-boned me and I flipped in a 360, then afterward I sat on the curb crying my eyes out. I should not have come out of that alive, but I did. It caused me to question why God did what He did on that day. Did He do it to make me stronger in the faith? Did He do so that I would have a testimony to share to 1 person 50 years from now? As I was sitting on the curb, these questions and more poured into my mind. While I was praying, though, something came to me. I didn’t know why this had happened, but I did know how I was going to respond to that incident (which, in my opinion, is probably one of the more important things to meditate on). It’s not all about acting like a Christian, it’s about reacting (in the moment) as a Christian. It was an awakening to stop taking life for granted. It was like a hotel clerk calling at 5a.m. for a wake-up call, except I didn’t schedule it. Most of God’s “wake-up calls” we don’t schedule. However, without it I would not have gone door-to-door and shared the gospel with 10 students who later got saved. I wouldn’t have lived an intentional life making intentional decisions. I know for a fact that if it weren’t for that wake-up call I would not be sitting in Theology of Sanctification here right now. I would probably be at a tech school making video games and wasting my life away. I would not have planted an e-church, and I most definitely would not be living a life that is pleasing to the Lord. Now, I am able to look at quotes like the one above and be thankful for not only my life, but also for God allowing me to live it.

As Boa later goes on to describe three differing world-views, it made me reflect on which world view I was pursuing. Was I pursuing a naturalistic worldview, trying to fit God in where I wanted? Or was I chasing the God that desires me? I honestly don’t know, I know I was saved, there is no question about that. However, God saw that there were areas of my life that I was holding on to. He wanted in, but I kept closing the door time and time again. God had a purpose for me and He had a plan for me to stop being blind and to look to him. He had to forcefully wake me up. Thank God He did.

In Him,

Victor Gancedo

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