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Pursuit of Holiness – Book Review

By: Jerry Bridges

I was encouraged to review this book for many reasons, but the main one was the truth and light that God spoke into my life with this book. Now take into consideration that I am no professional book reviewer, and I have never posted a book review on GNM. I am excited to bring you my thoughts on this title.

Book Review

As Christians, we find ourselves in an interesting battle between holiness and fleshiness.  Which do we actively pursue, unfortunately, most of us are actively chasing fleshiness only because we are not chasing holiness.

Jerry Bridges in “Pursuit of Holiness” wants to change our mindset and our pursuit, from fleshy desires to heavenly ones. The approach that Jerry uses is amazing. He layers on the chapters adding a layer everytime you move on in the book. I have read many debates and seen many in person. The debater “attacks” the other by pointing out what their opponent is assuming to be true. The way that Jerry builds his points in every chapter make this virtually impossible.

Chapter 1 Holiness Is for You

Chapter 2 The Holiness of God

Chapter 3 Holiness Is Not an Option

Chapter 4 The Holiness of Christ

This is just a snippet of the Table of Contents but you see how they layer.

The first chapter really stood out to me for many reasons, but the main reason had to be the emphasis on how sin disgusts God, and how we need to flee from it.

Our attitude towards sin is more self centered than God-centered. We are more concerned about our own “victory” over sin than we are about the fact that our sins grieve the heart of God. We cannot tolerate failure in our struggle with sin chiefly because we are success oriented, not because we know it is offensive to God. God wants us to walk in obedience not victory. Obedience is oriented towards God; victory is oriented towards self. This may seem to be splitting hairs over semantics, but there is a subtle difference, self-centered attitude at the root of many of our difficulties with sin. Until we face this attitude and deal with it we are not consistently walking in holiness. This is not to say that God does not want us to experience victory over sin. But victory is a by product of our obedience. as we begin living a more holy life that is pleasing to the Lord we will most certainly experience victory.

Then He goes on to later in the chapter say this:

We do not take sin seriously, we have mentally catagorized sin into that which is unnacceptable, and that which may be tolorated a bit.

This blew my mind, I mean this is not a new concept for me and hopefully not for you either, but this blew my mind. I find myself not minding if I “exaggerate” a story of mine but when I see someone hurt someone emotionally I am appalled.  That is exactly what he is trying to point out, me exaggerating my story and lying is just as much a sin that someone emotionally abusing someone.

In short, this book was a great read, in the last half, there is a study that corresponds with the reading in the front of the book. What an amazing tool to help you retain the information that was read. I recommend this book!

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