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Haiti 2.0

I am going back!

I get the amazing opportunity to return back to Haiti! I am overjoyed with the opportunity to return back to the Haitian people. This post serves two purposes and the first is very simple I will not be blogging for most of mid-March, approx. March 12-21 but, no need to worry, we will still have poetry go up for those days, so the site will not be vacant.

How I was impacted last year!

It is interesting, most people who go on mission trips will come back and say something similar to this, “They ministered to me more than I was able to minister to them!” This is something that I experienced last year, it was no cause of my own that my heart was humbled while I was there, it was completely the spirit. It was a humbling experience for me most of all, I walked into a country in complete poverty, I was not prepared for the sites that I saw. I was exposed to children washing themselves in sewage water full of waste, I saw children with huge tumors and hemorrhoids, and I saw people starving to death. It completely and radically changed my point of view of America. I actually came home almost “hating” Americans. I am changed in how I look at our everyday amenities that we take for granted. For example, I saw some kids throwing food on the ground at school and I got extremely upset because the amount of food being thrown away could have fed an entire family in Haiti. My perspective on American culture was extremely humbled after being exposed to the Haitian culture.

What did we do?

In Haiti last year we got the amazing opportunity to lead a 5 day Bible camp for the local children. It was such an amazing experience, we got to preach sermons, lead small groups, play basketball, and pray with the people. The children there has such a reliance on God that I envy, a reliance that I am sure is almost impossible to kindle when living in the States. Their prayers consisted of things like; “Pray for a meal tonight, pray for my sick baby sister, and pray that God helps me talk to my friends about Him.” Such simple prayers that we so often forget to pray for. We pray these HUGE and MASSIVE prayers (Which are not in themselves bad) expecting God to “pay more attention” to us because we have a higher word count than the other people’s prayers.

Why am I going back?

Simply, because God has called me back. Last year was an amazing experience and we saw the spirit move in amazing ways. God is not done with his work in Haiti and He has set a special place aside in my heart for the nation.  Matthew 28:18-20

How can you help?

You can help in two major ways!

  1. Pray for our team that is leaving very soon!
  2. I am still fundraising for the trip! If you feel led it would be amazing if you want to help out my fund, you can help out my fund by clicking here.


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