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Paul’s Clues and Keys to Sanctification

These are my Theology of Sanctification notes. I hope that it aids you in your studies.

Theology of Sanctification

Paul’s clues and keys of sanctification (Philippians 1:1-11, 3:4-11):

Chapter 1

  • When you see an opportunity to encourage we need to grab it. (v3)
  • Philippian’s partnership in the Gospel. (v5)
  • Bring a good work to completion in the day of Jesus Christ. (v6b) – Christ’s role in salvation and sanctification
  • How I yearn for the love and affection of Jesus Christ (v8)
  • Be pure and blameless on the day of Christ (v10b)

Chapter 3

  • As to righteousness under the law (v6)
  • Whatever gain I had I counted it as loss for Christ (v7-8)
  • Having a righteousness that is not found in the law of myself but of the faith in Jesus Christ.
  • That I may know Him and His power of the resurrection (v10)
  • Not that I have already attainted it… (v12) This is a huge sanctification verse…
  • Press on to Christ

Positional Sanctification – is the foundation in which we take off to grow on experiential sanctification

Experiential Sanctification – what we grow in while walking in Jesus.

Two launch keys: Gods commitment to us and the role of the fear of God

  1. His Commitment to us – found in Paul’s opener Philippians 1:6
    1. The general idea of “commitment” in OT?
      1. Covenants (Exodus 34)
      2. Exodus 34:6-7 is quoted all over the OT.
        1. Jonah 4, Ezekiel, Joel 1:1-2
        2. Steadfast Love = “Chesed” which in Hebrew means in most lexicons “Loyal Love.”
  • “DABAQ” (To hold onto) is the Hebrew word that describes our closeness with God. It was the same word that was used with Adam in terms of his closeness towards Eve. “DABAQ” translates most closely to “cleave to”
    1. 10:20
  1. Specific areas of Commitment
  1. Fear of God… an “outdated idea?”
    1. Discussion…
    2. 66:1-2;5-6 “Trembles at my word…” “You who tremble at His word…”
      1. What about 1st John 3 and 4?
        1. “Fear” in this context has to do with judgment
      2. Philippians 2:5-11
        1. (v9ff) is a reference to Isaiah (45:22ff) YHWH that is given to God, it is a COVENANT NAME
        2. YHWH – I am who I am, I will be who I will be.
        3. Hebrew YHWH = Greek KURIOS
  • Philippians 2:12-13
    1. Fear of God is clearly not a specific OT idea.
    2. Sanctification is the salvation from the power of Sin.
    3. Work out salvation from the POWER of sin with fear and trembling. [FEAR = Respect, awe, Reverence]
    4. Work out salvation NOT work for salvation
    5. Verse 13 encourages us and builds a foundation for verse 12, for God works in us so that we may work out our own salvation.

Two “Super-Factors” of Spiritual Life

  1. What, in Colossians 3:16 & Ephesians 5:18 produce singing to each other songs, hymns, spiritual songs, with thanksgiving and submission? Eph – Holy Spirit & Col – Word of Christ dwelling richly (which implies that the Word of Christ is something that is ingrained inside of you and deeply meditated on)
  2. Baptism in the spirit happens at salvation (1Cor 12:13), that is also the point that you are filled with the spirit.
  3. What unique doctrine is found in Galatians 5:16?
    1. The filling of the Holy Spirit is not the complete story in the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
    2. “Walk by the spirit” When you are walking each step is dependent on the other step. We can apply that same principle in the phrase “Walk by the spirit”
    3. What is the “Strong assurance” in this verse?
      1. You will not gratify the desires of the flesh.
      2. A rare double negative is used in the Greek. (o’v mè) Which emphasizes the NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER

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