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Stop Speeding


It is interesting just how fast paced our lives get sometimes. Between, School, work, GNM, girlfriend, and social life (yea, right) I find myself barely being able to get into the scriptures during the day. This usually results with me lying in my bed at 1 am, trying to read scripture and meditate on it. I am so tired after that long day that I often close my Bible and just go to bed. 

I hope I am not the only one who struggles in this department, in fact, I know that I am not the only one. Which is cool, because that means that we get to work towards a common goal as a ministry. The importance of getting in the word is monumental, I have found that in seasons of my life when I am devoted to reading the word and setting ample time aside so that I can have one-on-one time with the Lord, usually results in better discernment, wisdom, and conviction.


We have to slow down in our life, if we keep going too fast for too long one of two things will happen, we will get pulled over (metaphorically) and get a ticket, or we will crash. I have been in a car accident myself, a life-threatening car accident, and I don’t wish that experience on anyone.(Sometimes though that is what it takes for us to slow down on the roads…) A fast paced life when God is not at the center of it will result in you going down the wrong road, and you are going way to fast. Only to find yourself pulled over, or totaled.

The Challenge

This week I want to take the challenge with you, let’s slow down in our life. Let’s set some time aside to meditate on God’s word, and let’s do this together as a ministry.

Dear, Lord I pray that you would fill us all with wisdom and discernment. Lord, please help us this week as we dive into your word with intention and with meaning. -Amen



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