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Attempting to Understand God?

“God in his inner essence is a mystery beyond our comprehension; we will never know him as he knows himself.”

As a person continues in maturity there is a realization that as more knowledge is accumulated, life becomes sweeter. When a child first learns the names of different colors, their entire world changes. Now the sky is blue, the grass is green, and embarrassed persons face turns red. When a teenager first learns how to drive a car, an entirely new world is opened to them. Freedom is no longer a foreign notion but is now at their fingertips. When a young adult begins to intimately learn and value another person, love becomes an empowering presence in their daily life rather than something they heard their parents or friends talking about. In nearly every situation, the more knowledge we can attain is thought to lead to a greater quality and value of life. The same applies to our relationship with God, yet operates very differently. Knowledge of God is not like learning colors, how to drive a car or to learn the experience of relational love. Because all three of those things have an end. An individual can learn every shade of yellow, how to drive all types of vehicles, and intimately know their spouse for years…and yet there life will be empty. With God, it is just the opposite. We will never reach the bottom of the ocean of God’s personhood. Each time we think we have God figured out, He shows us a knew portion of His character. His personhood is unending, vast, and sweetly magnificent. And yet while the believer is as Boa states is, “in the ever-increasing profundity of the cloud of unknowing”, satisfaction is found. Greater quality of life is not found in knowing every aspect of God’s personhood, but rather is found in sinking deep into the ocean of His goodness. As the continually changing people of God yield themselves to the immutable Trinity, our souls no longer need answers, but simply need Him.

As Crowder sings, “But I find I know less as I come to know You more. You’re not who I thought You were. Praise the Lord.”


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