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Theological Outline of Ecclesiastes

Theological Outline of Ecclesiastes

Special Focus Topics

  • Two views of the theme of Ecclesiastes

The Two Views of the Book of Ecclesiastes

  • 1st view: Standard View
    • Ecclesiastes is like Job: most of it is pessimistic but at the end there is resolution
    • 12:8-14
    • 2 Interpretations of 12:8-14 under the standard view
      • A narrator summarizes a skeptical preachers message and critiques it.
      • An old sinner (For many Solomon) looks back on life and concludes repentantly (Self-critique) (II personally like this view)
    • 2nd view: Transient View
      • Bible character: Abel
      • Hebrew, “breath, vapor, mist”
      • Editors of the NET Bible, about Abel’s name, “The tone is ominous”
      • Abel’s death was sudden, “quickly passing”
      • 1st death recorded in scripture
      • 1st murder
Abel’s Name in Hebrew



(linguistically related)

Hebrew adj.


·      primary definition “Like a vapor,” “like a mist”

·      metaphorical sense: “tangible, but quickly passing away.”

·      Alternate meaning/possible definition, “meaningless”


  • Typical translation (Standard View) “Futile, futile, everything is futile”
  • Alternate translation (transient view) “Like a vapor, Like a vapor, like a mist everything quickly passes away!”
  • Interpretations of Ecclesiastes:
    • Life is short
    • Enjoy it with thankfulness, but also live it wisely, in fear of God.
    • It is God and His deeds that are of utmost importance
    • This book was probably written after he had strayed



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