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A Leap of Faith

This is another guest post by my amazing friend who has influenced me greatly Kevin and Alex Sherman. They are moving to North Carolina to follow God’s calling to enter seminary. Let us join in prayer for them in the upcoming weeks that God will provide all the needed funds and resources for them to make the transition.

Read Alex’s Blog Here.


All I can do is stand in awe at the magnitude of God’s plan for our life. Just in the past two months, God has taken our safe, complacent, and comfortable life and thrown it into an incredible adventure. Our life was very predictable and required little reliance on God to see where it would end up… Retiring after 30 years of teaching at the ripe, “old” age of 52 seemed very nice and simple, comfortable and easy. Yet with one thought placed on my discerning husband’s heart from God,

“How are you trusting me? You have it all planned out- what if this isn’t all I want for you?”

And with that simple thought, we began to pray and seek. And the answers started coming…

“Half your income, trust me. Stay home and raise your children to know and love me. Teach them to trust me by choosing to live a life of faith, yourself.”

Okay, God…What more?

Do you trust me, completely? Yes. Go to seminary.” What, God? Go to seminary.

But then what? “Trust me.”

How will we get there? “Just trust me.”

What will it look like? (A job? New home? Our finances?) “Rely on me.”

What will we do after graduation? Where will we end up? “Just give it to me, and trust me to handle it.”


And the affirmation keeps coming. The reminders of His infinite wisdom, purpose, provision, faithfulness, goodness to us keeps glaring us in the face.

Are you really willing to trust me in this?


It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me how quickly God can seize a heart, a dream, a passion and transform it to become a reality. There is no doubt in either of our minds that this is what He is calling our family to- it’s undeniable. My sometimes-hesitant heart has been encouraged and affirmed in so many different ways. (He knows my heart needs it!) Over such a short period of time, He has given me numerous scriptures, pastoral messages, faith stories, inspirational quotes, blogs, videos, articles, books, prayers, friend’s unknowing conversations. I don’t think He has missed one avenue to encourage and challenge me to keep on trusting Him; including a few unexpected financial gifts (old textbook sales money from 2014 that was misaddressed, a refund from an old hospital bill, covered airfare for our visit up to seminary, etc.)

So, if God is so clearly calling and affirming this call- why does it still cause me to be a little fearful? I think it’s because of my own seeking to see the end result, my lack of control, and the full-on adventure of faith! I think it’s also hard because most of the world doesn’t live like this.

We love control.

We love to plan.

We love to know the destination.

We don’t want to take our hands off of our life and the way we think it should go.

We hesitate to open our arms and say the words, “Lead me. My life is not my own. I trust you, completely.”

Not only is this way of thinking countercultural, it’s honestly insane. But the Jesus in the Bible doesn’t call us to live safe, sane, and acceptable lives- rather to follow Him and live by faith.

It’s crazy to me that I was seeking the approval of others and trusting in my own ability to keep my life secure. God is the only sure thing in this world! His ability to preserve and protect my family is infinitely greater than my own! He knows the future and what is best for me and my family. So, why do I hesitate to get off my throne and sit in the backseat? It’s a constant struggle for me!

As I am reading the Old Testament, I keep being reminded of the faith of the men in the Bible. Abraham, who leaves everything and sets out to an unknown place that God promises to show Him after he steps out in faith. Moses, who is commissioned by God to deliver His people, despite his own insecurities and doubts. In a Bible commentary I am reading right now, I came across this quote:

“The measure of our faith is proportionate to our grasp of the greatness and goodness of our God.”

As I reflect on all of the ways God has proven himself faithful and worthy of my trust, it’s causes me to realize that this unchanging God is not only worthy of my trust when it’s just me and my husband, but he’s still worthy after I’ve had kids!

I’ve been reminded these past few days that God truly loves my children more than I do. He is the most capable of “keeping my kids safe” than even I am. Perhaps, the greatest thing I’ve been reminded of is that when God calls you to a new place, He promises to be with you! His presence doesn’t leave when you are called to something new and exciting, requiring great trust and faith. His presence is with you always, and if anything, it’s greater amplified and felt more intensely as you have to seek His face and direction greater than you ever had before.

So as my faith is growing as we approach this new season, so is my understanding of what an incredibly faithful Father we have! His greatness is beyond understanding- but I’m learning more of it day by day, and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.


So all this to say…

The Sherman family is embarking on an incredible journey to answer God’s call on our lives to full-time ministry.

What will it look like?

Kevin, Grayson, Carolina, and I will be moving to Wake Forest, North Carolina so that Kevin can earn his Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We will be moving in late July of this year and will be away from FishHawk, Florida for three to four years.

How can you be praying for us?

For financial provision:

  • Our hope is that I will continue to be able to stay home as God has recently called us, and that Kevin will be able to be home as much as possible as a full-time masters student.
  • Financial aid- scholarship applications, award amounts, etc.
  • Moving expenses, money for rent, school expenses
  • Loss of all steady, significant income for however long until God provides. We are at peace with trusting Him as our Jehovah Jireh (“The God who Provides”)

Our home to sell:

  • Thankfully if we were to sell our home today we would sell a little higher than what we paid for it. Pray for it to sell in perfect timing for us to not have to move our family twice (too early) or make payments after we leave (too late).

Our new home:

  • That we would find community in our new neighborhood.
  • The significant downsizing of our home and belongings (2,600 sqft to 1,000 sqft) and moving from a single-family home to apartment-style on campus housing.

A new church home:

  • FishHawk Fellowship Church is all we’ve ever known and we will miss it greatly.
  • There are a lot of great churches in the Wake Forest area, so prayers for us to plug into the one God would want us to serve.

After graduation / “the unknown”:

  • For a ministry position for Kevin to thrive in and serve with his whole heart, as he has at FFC.
  • For my heart if we do not return to FFC or FL.

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