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Mission Trip Madness

I am back in the States, and man has it been crazy! Haiti this year was very different than my trip I took last year. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts from the trip and show you guys how the spirit worked!

When we landed on Monday that initial shock did not hit me, I was not devasted by the poverty and I was not disgusted by the wrench. A completely different reaction than what I experienced last year on my trip. Instead this year I was captivated by the mountains and scenery, Romans 1:17 hit me and I was reminded that creation itself is enough proof that God is a good and loving God. As we begun to drive through the city to our destination however my mindset changed. I saw more firsthand the poverty, the hurt, the sickness, and the death that was everywhere I looked into the country. I was then reminded of how desperately the gospel is needed, and instantly knew my purpose for going to Haiti. It was to lead people to Christ. ¬†Now as a team that wasn’t our “team goal” our “team goal” was to construct a house for a lady who was in need of one. However, my motive was to share the gospel with people and lead people to Christ. As a team we had the blessing to go to a church and lead a 4-day youth conference for the first half of our day, and I knew that that was the time that I needed to utilize for gospel sharing. I got to preach to the Haitians¬†and we got to see people from last year who remembered us. One of the most humbling moments is when a kid you met from last year remembers you and has a note ready for you when you return. Our team was lavished with notes and thank you cards because of the impact the spirit had at the church. On the last day of the conference, I was able to speak to a young man named Joseph, who was wanting to become a Christian and follow God. God blessed me with the eye-opening opportunity to lead him through a prayer and give him the next steps to follow God. Remember Salvation is not just a prayer.



A lot of stuff happened on the trip some stuff I just cannot explain in words and must be left in Haiti. With all of this said I encourage you to take part in a trip, we are called to. Matt. 28:18-20.


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