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The Forgotten Holy Spirit.

The Spirit…

The Holy Spirit is an active and personal being and we need to recognize that and allow Him to fill and utilize us at His will.

We do not always act like we are filled with the Spirit of God, do we? I mean I know thatI struggle with that from time to time. I think that it is one of the biggest mistakes in Christianity to discount the role of the spirit. I have noticed many times we refer to the Spirit as an “it”, or as something to be controlled. (I am going to take a shot at a song here) It is not our job to arrogantly “Invite God into this place… or into the atmosphere.” When we say this we are saying to the Spirit, “Well this is my place, and I will invite you into it.” THIS IS WRONG, it is GODS SPACE and he will GO WHERE HE WANTS regardless of if he is invited or not. We treat the Spirit wrong and in essence, we are treating God wrong. Which in summary does not bring glory to God

How do we grow in the Spirit?

We need to place ourselves in uncomfortable positions, to strain our gifts, and faith so that we can grow in them. Stagnant faith produces lazy, immature, and not spirit filled Christians, living a false gospel that does not show Gods love and grace to others. However, a tested and challenged faith, that is endured and persevered, will produce strong, doctrinally sound, and theologically sound Christians willing and capable of obeying and submitting to Gods command and control.

I know that this was a random post, but it was on my heart to put together a short snippet of what I had been studying.

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