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This Summer….

Hello everyone, I just want to update everyone on where we are heading as we move into this summer. It is crazy to think that it is already upon us.

I will be heading off to intern in West Virginia for the entire summer. Like all of it, all of it…. I am honestly so excited to head off and serve the Lord, unfortunately, that will mean a few things for the ministry. It is not like I am shutting down the website, the plan is to keep updating and posting, however, there may be a few changes.

I will be in the middle of nowhere, which means no wifi and no data, that being said I will not be able to share the posts on facebook, I will not be able to advertise, and I will not be able to actively run the site. I do, however, have a few very loyal friends who are dedicated to holding down the fort for Grace Nation. There should be at least 2 new posts a week, much different from the 6 that are going up now, but at least it is something.

I will be back in mid august and that is when we will do our yearly launch. It is crazy to think that it will have been 2 years by the time that I return.


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