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West Virginia Adventures

It has been a wild time while being here in West Virginia and so much has already happened. I do not even know where to begin so I may start out with an apology, I have been extremely busy and when I do have some downtime it is rare that I am picking up my laptop to work on GNM, and I want and need to confess that to everyone. However, as this summer begins to pick up I am going to do my best to keep everyone updated with what is happening here in McDowell County.

I would describe myself as an indoorsy person, I enjoy video games, reading, and Hockey, all of which are done indoors. I was never an outdoorsy person and frankly, I just hate being outside. I deal with bugs, heat, rain, and smells, all things of which I can nicely avoid by staying indoors minding my own business. I say this because my transition to West Virginia was anything but comfortable because basically everything is outdoors, even when you are “indoors” you face the same things that you would outdoors. It is true that God sometimes calls us to be uncomfortable. However, it has been such a blessing to be able to learn how to adapt and learn how to minister to the people and community here. I have learned how to do roof repair, plumbing, drywall repair and installation, and so much more. Things I never thought I would be doing in my lifetime God has called me to be a part of this summer and it has been such a blessing.

During the week we do many things, but the focus is home repair and relationship building. We use the house repair as a doorway into the spiritual work that God has called us to do in this community. So for the next 5 weeks, I will be working at the same house and with the same couple. This is such an amazing opportunity to build a strong relationship with the homeowner and with her family. We also do many other outreach programs in the community, art workshops that are gospel centered, city hall prayer meetings, and Friday┬ánight bonfires. The goal is to reach the community where they are, we are not here to change the culture, but to minister to it, we aren’t called here to fix people’s problems and leave, but to partner with families in projects that they can be proud of.

I will continue to write updates, and I hope that you will partner with me in prayer and support as we are ministering to the people of McDowell County West Virginia.

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