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Prayer Partnership

Weekly Prayer Needs

This is a new segment on GNM and it is going to be focused on how you can partner with our efforts in West Virginia, this is an amazing opportunity for the GNM community to join together in prayer for a joint cause. God can and will move mountains, in and through our cries and requests.


Mustard Seeds and Mountains Prayer Requests:

  • Upcoming Board Meeting
  • Fundraising
    • Mustard Seeds greatly appreciates all donations of any amount, if you are interested in partnering financially contact me VIA “Contact Us”
  • That God would give the ministry opportunities to continually get involved in the community.
  • That the summer projects that have been started will not cease at the end of the summer, but that God would appoint a community member to take the leadership role.

That God would work through the following:

  • Safety on the worksites
  • Weekly Art Workshop
  • Weekly Prayer Meetings
  • Weekly Bonfire
  • That God would open our eyes to the opportunities around us, and give us the wisdom and discernment to effectively minister to the people in the community.

Nate, Trudy, and Family (Mustard Seeds Directors):

  • Continued financial support for the family
  • Safety
  • Trudy’s ministry through her Zumba classes
  • Their Children and their schooling
  • For Drew their oldest son currently in the Air Force
  • Wisdom

For the Interns:

  • Wisdom
  • Safety
  • SLEEP!!!
  • Homesickness
  • To continue to be relational
  • Open Hearts and Minds
  • Unity
  • Patience


There are a lot of prayer requests for this upcoming week, however I want to share with you some of the amazing things that God has done in this past week so that we can praise God as a community and as one in the church.



  • Cindy and Jimmy (My Worksite) opening and sharing during devotions.
  • A Conversation with a man named Iven who was very open with Parker and myself and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with him and pray over him and his family.
  • Safety
  • Financial Support
  • Being able to minister to the team that was here last week, and truly make a difference.
  • The prayer meeting went exceptionally well, and there was about an hour of conversation and prayer.
  • An amazing art workshop, we talked about sin and the attendees were engaged and conversational.
  • An amazing bonfire, we met more youth in the community and had the opportunity to just relax and get to know people better.
  • Getting to know other ministries in the area, and partnering with them.
  • Playing soccer with some of the members of other ministries and building those relationships.
  • Great conversations a Saturday morning free breakfast at a local church.
  • Great devotional times at lunch.
  • Finding Joy in even the most difficult tribulations and God giving the staff the insight and ability to wisely navigate through challenges.
  • JESUS!!!


God is doing some amazing things through Mustard Seeds and Mountains and we are humbled that God would allow us to be His ambassadors here in McDowell County. We ask that you join us in prayer this week, in praise and in request. Pray everything according to Gods will, and above all of these requests pray that GOD be glorified with everything that we say and do here in West Virginia.

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