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This Summer


This summer, where do I even begin? Honestly, there has been so much that has happened to me this summer, I will try and highlight the big moments, and amazing events.

My Worksite

About 4 weeks into the summer I was assigned my first work site, and it was a bit scary when I was assigned this task, not only was I in charge of all of the construction (Which I know very little about) I was also in charge of building a strong relationship that pointed the homeowner to Christ.

At this point, I had a lot racing through my mind.

  • I am not qualified to run a construction site.
  • I am not good at building new relationships.
  • I am responsible for completing the work on time.
  • I am responsible for the teams that come in weekly.

With all of these things and more racing through my mind, you can understand why I was freakishly nervous about running the work site. prior to the first week on my work site, I got the opportunity to meet the lovely lady who is living in the home, her name is Cindy. She has 2 children and they were also amazing to meet and get to know. Her daughter Mary is 13 years old and her son Matthew is 10 years old turning 11 soon. Matthew loves ATV’s and he taught me how to play some video games. The thing that I love about Mustad Seeds and Mounts is that they are relationally focussed, so the physical work on the house is a doorway for the spiritual work in the temple. (Which is the person if you did not get the reference.)

The Physical Work

In terms of physical work, we did a lot of scraping and painting, and the ironic thing is that the ministry actually painted this house for a different owner about 17 years ago. We did a lot of scraping on the outside, some boards were rotted on the side of the house and so we replaced those. After all of the boards were replaced and all of the house was scraped as best as possible we were able to begin painting, which consists of 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint. On the inside of the house, we got the opportunity to hang dry wall on the ceiling in 3 rooms of the house. We hung dry wall in the entry room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. We also provided many different colors of paint so that Cindy could paint every room in her house which was such a great opportunity for her to work on her own house and put work into the renovations.

This was the final outcome of the outside of the house, and it looks great. I am so proud of every person that put in effort to help bring this house back to its former glory.

Spiritual Work

As to not disclose personal information, I will not go into detail on this section, but just note that God truly did work miracles and the seeds will continue to be watered as the days and weeks go on.

Community Work

Since Mustard Seeds had an unusually large amount of interns this summer we had the opportunity to do a lot more in the community.

Art Workshops

We were able to put on 2, 4-week are workshops where we brought the community together and did different types of art projects, and these were not kiddie arts and crafts. This was full We were able to put on 2, 4-week are workshops where we brought the community together and did different types of art projects, and these were not kiddie arts and crafts. This was full on art, people of all ages showed up ranging from 4 years old to 60 years old. At the end of the 4-weeks we had an art show for the community to come to and the artists were able to show off there work.

Camp Fires

Every Friday night we were able to occupy an empty lot that we used to host a camp fire for the people in the area. This was such a fun opportunity and we had tons of community teens show up and hang out. It was just meant to be a safe space for youth to come and hang out. We roasted marshmallows,  played games, and sang camp fire songs.

Prayer Meetings

We had the awesome chance to start up a new ministry at the Town Hall of Northfork WV. Every Thursday at noon we host a prayer meeting and pray for the community and for the needs of the people who live there. This ministry is planning on continuing after the interns leave, this means that a local towns person will need to take up responsibility. The mayor attends every week and has stated that she is interested in taking over the meetings. Please remain in prayer while we are looking forward to handing this ministry off this week.

Sight Seeing

The mountains are great, in my opinion, the beach still wins, but nontheless the mountais are a gerat place to be.

To be honest, this summer has presented more challenges and trials than I wanted or expected, and it has hurt me in a lot of ways. However, with that being said this summer has prepared me in amazing ways for future ministry, it has motivated me for the upcoming semester, and I can’t wait to get back in the pulpit.

Until next time,


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