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By: Jensen Bell

1. it’s difficult to find friends at first

Ok so before I got to college I would always watch these “college advice” videos on youtube thinking they would equip me with the proper knowledge I need. Right. So 99% of the time somewhere in the video they would say “it will be easy to make friends within the first week or two because everyone is in the same boat as you and everyone wants to make relationships like you do.” false. I mean it’s not like people are straight up rude, but some just really don’t want to talk to you. I have tried to strike up conversations in some of my classes, but I just get the weirdest looks. Like, excuse me sorry I just want to have friends, my b. The good Lord does provide though; I made a friend in my chem class. Just don’t be completely shocked if not everyone is jumping at the offer to be bff’s.

2. you don’t look good for classes. Like ever.

In high school, I always planned my “first day of school” outfits, all cute and formal. I even told myself I would still dress nice in college, because, you know, it feels good to dress well??

Haha SIKE. Everyone is bumming it, and it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. Some people still do put some effort in for class, and I mean more power to you, I respect your willpower, but ya girls’ gotta skip on this one. BIG T-SHIRTS AND RUNNING SHORTS AMIRIGHT?!?

3. you will have late nights. Every night.

I am a firm believer in getting to bed early and getting yo beauty sleep. Every night senior year I was in bed by 9-9:30. I was THRIVING. Honestly, one of the scariest parts of going to college to me was realizing my sleep schedule was about to get drop kicked because I kept hearing horror stories about not going to bed until 2 AM every night. Call me old school, but c’mon. Now it is a reality I am currently living in and finding it to be ok. Would you look at that, we are going to be ok.

4. you aren’t swallowed by the party scene.

So I am not into all the parties and drinking and all that jazz. Coming to one of the most known party schools in the country I thought me and my Jesus-lovin’ self would be completely overwhelmed. However, I have found that you don’t see all of the partying unless you go out and look for it. You have to be intentional about your decision to go out. It’s not like you will be walking down the street one night then all of the sudden you trip and accidentally fall into a party. I mean unless you’re walking along the frats’ street. Just know it is not as bad as it seems and you can do your own thing.

5. Christ-centered relationships are ESSENTIAL. 

One of my most treasured blessings was coming to Florida State with a group of strong believers from my youth group. I’ve built relationships with these people for two years now and have come to know them as my family. Since we have come here, we have seen our group grow and stretch beyond our boundaries of comfort. College is a scary place to be alone but thanks you, Jesus, I didn’t have to step into my future with no one by my side. These are the people I will continue to grow with for the next four years and beyond. They hold me accountable and shower me with Christ’s love. The bond between believers in unreal and I encourage everyone to find their people and start living life together!

Lord, I pray over every person who reads this post, whether they are in college, about to be in college, or in any season of life, that they would trust You with their whole being. College is a time where one’s faith can be pulled at from so many sides and can leave them exhausted. Lord, I pray they run to You as their source of rest and redemption. Give them boldness to proclaim Your truths in every situation, to be the light in the darkness. To the one’s that are lonely, Lord, send them your sons and daughters to comfort them and lift them up so that You may be glorified. We love you and thank you for Your never-failing goodness and mercy.

In Christ’s name, Amen.



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