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What Just Happened…

Listen to this…

So I had quite the exciting weekend. I planned on taking a bus down to Gainesville for my brothers family weekend for his fraternity and go to the football game with them. Long story short, I missed my bus and had to catch another bus at another location. After the drive to Gainesville, the bus dropped me off at a different spot than what I was told, so my mom and I had to walk to each other, which was a 45 min walk. By this time my whole family was supposed to be together. I had to walk through super sketchy areas, and there was construction on one of the roads, so I had to find another way to meet my mom. I ended up just sitting at a corner and waiting for her to get to me because our GPS’s were taking each of our different ways. I was exhausted and hungry and just not in the best mood because my morning had sucked. But wait it gets better. As I was on the phone with my mom trying to figure this situation out, I joked “it could be worse, at least it’s not raining.” not even joking, 2 minutes after I said that it started to rain. Tired. Hungry. Wet. I love it. After we found each other the day went as planned and we had a great time being together as a family again.

That night I had to leave again for Tallahassee, so I said goodbye to my family and boarded my bus. On the way home I was listening to music and reflected on the very eventful day I had when a song called “grateful” by Elevation Worship came on. If you haven’t heard it, listen to it, it jams. The words of that song hit me square in the face. 

“this is the day, which You have made. Whatever comes, I won’t complain. For all my hope is in Your name. And now Your joy awaits my praise.

I give thanks to all You have done, and I will sing of Your mercy and Your love. Your love is unfailing, Lord I am grateful.”

It was such a subtle reminder not to sweat the small things. I thought that day was possibly the worst morning I have ever had, dramatic, I know. But hearing that song brought me back to reality, and I realized that God is so much bigger than our crappiest of days and even though my morning hardcore sucked, the Lord, still being good in all His ways gave me a day to spend with my family. This was the actual representation of God turning the bitter into sweet. And being reminded of that on the bus just made my heart so grateful. As recalled by the song. It made me grateful for my incredible family, and even though it pains me every time I leave them, just the fact the Lord gives me opportunities to be with them again is just too sweet.

So step back from your crappy days and look for the moments God has placed in your day so you can see His good work even through a dark storm.

Lord, I pray that everyone who reads this post will allow You to open their eyes to see You working in their life for Your glory and their good. Give them the perseverance to run this race of life, even when it flat out sucks. You are the Lord rich in mercy and love. Give us eyes to see those characteristics of You so clearly as we go into this upcoming week. Thank You for Your Son and thank You for always being beside me and being the constant and faithful One. I am grateful.


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