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Reaching the Nations Fundraiser

It is time to announce…

It is time to announce Grace Nation Ministries first-ever fundraiser, and I am very excited to see what God does in and through it.


This fundraiser serves many purposes.

  1. Raise money for the podcast
    1. Equipment
    2. Advertisement
    3. Quality
  2. Raise money for Grace Nation Ministries
    1. New website concepts
    2. Switch Hosts
  3. Raise money for orphans in India
    1. Part of the proceeds will go directly to Mission India to aid in the evangelizing efforts going on in India


God is a God of miracles and, we are placing complete dependence on Him, we are going to be stringing to raise 1,000$ and although that seems like a crazy amount, that will enable us to not only get the podcast to professional quality but also move the website to new levels, and we will be able to reach thousands of kids in India.


I want to also include some incentives for if we reach our goal. if we reach our goal of 1,000$ I will be giving away 2 John MacArthur study bibles, which are enriching and theological masterpieces.

Time Frame and Progress

How amazing would it be to hit our goal in 2 months? I think it would be a miracle, and God is a God of miracles. I would love for us to run as fast as we can to this goal, the prayer is that we reach our goal by December 15th so that we can begin the new year with a bang.

I am so very thankful to everyone who has supported the ministry thus far, God is a God of mercy and love, and although no physical blessings will come to you from your donation, the blessing of the gospel will be brought to thousands and the blessing of a professional Christian podcast that will reach the nations.



In Him

Victor & the GNM staff.



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