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Where I Find Rest

Where I Find Rest

This weekend I was able to hit pause on regular, everyday life and go on a fall retreat with my home church here in Tallahassee to Panama City Beach. This weekend was full of so much joy and laughter and togetherness and intimacy and unity. God spoke through all of the speakers that were serving at the retreat, pouring into every heart, encouraging every student to fight the good fight and reminding us of what our purpose is in this world and how influential we can be on our campus. We are in one of the most impactful mission fields so this weekend helped equip us as Christ-followers with a mind set of intentionality and what our focus needs to be centered on to have a fruitful and Kingdom-building time here.

With getting fed these fantastic truths this weekend, the Lord was working within my own heart and teaching me something I had become blind and forgetful of. Resting, in His presence, using Him as our hiding place and shelter.

Just as we took this trip to remove ourselves from the mundane and sometimes overwhelming thing we like to call life, I needed to recognize that I don’t only get a break or find rest when I am physically absent from the everyday. Regularly, I have a place of solitude I can run to and know I will find the peace and refreshment I’m seeking.

Proverbs 3:8 says “ it will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.”

IS THAT NOT JUST THE BEST NEWS YOU’VE HEARD?! so simple but so true. This is referencing to acknowledging the Lord in all of our ways and run towards Him. When we forsake the ways of the world and focus on Jesus, we will be healed and refreshed. This healing may be something like the mending of your hurting heart because you got in a fight with someone you love or God taking away that pain that has been eating at your soul for as long as you can remember. It may even mean a physical healing of injury or disease. Our God is a God of healing. Trust that. And this refreshment of your soul is something cool. I remember a mentor of mine said that our bones are a foundation of the making of our bodies. They shape us and stabilize us. And with this refreshment of our “spiritual bones” (our foundation of our faith and what makes us who we are in Christ) comes the renewal and awakening of our love for our savior. Pursuing Jesus opens our eyes and draws us nearer to him leaving us in an indescribably peaceful state. Our God is a God of refreshment. Trust that.

This weekend was a symbolic picture of what it is like being fully focused on Jesus and being comforted in His presence. I can run to Him to find my peace and refreshment just like I ran to the beach to calm my mind.

Lord, thank you that you gave me the opportunity to get away from the craziness of life and be able to focus solely on you for a weekend. Thank you that you reminded me that You are my safe place; my refuge. I pray for everyone who is overwhelmed by school or work or relationships, that You would remind them of who You are and You are all they need to feel fulfilled and refreshed. Throughout the week remind us that we belong to You, the God of healing and refreshment. I pray everyone who reads this is encouraged to run to You when they are weakened, drained, happy, flourishing, whatever season they may be in, let them run to You. Thank you for giving Your Son and allowing us to come into Your family through Your unrelenting love and mercy.


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