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Hey! I’m Tim

Hey, I’m Tim Jones, a student at Florida State University studying to receive a business degree and then I plan on going to seminary. I grew up in Tampa, FL all my life and attended public schools until leaving for FSU. I lived with my parents, one sister who is six years older, and another who is eight years older than me. My family attended First Baptist Church of Tampa where I was involved with the kid’s ministry and the youth group. In the youth group, as well as on Sunday mornings in the main service, I was a part of the tech team where I ran the screens. Eventually, I transitioned out of doing the tech into the praise team, I’ve always loved worship in the form of music so that was a great opportunity that I really enjoyed. To go in the past a bit, I attended FBCT’s VBS when I was ten years old and had just finished fourth grade. One of the volunteers presented the gospel, and I stayed behind to pray with my mom. Then, in sixth grade, I attended a camp with my youth group called Super Summer.Because I was older, I was more capable of comprehending the truths of scripture, more specifically, the gospel. I understood that I was a sinner against God who deserved to be punished for my disobedience. I knew that I could do nothing to make this right, therefore I stood guilty before God and desperately needed a savior: Jesus Christ. At that point I began to live my life for Christ to the best of my ability. God began to open my eyes more and more to His truths and I began to seek them out. In high school I started to listen to sermon after sermon on YouTube, through which God taught me more about Himself, the world, and how to defend what I believed. As I started to have more questions, God placed an older man from the church in my youth group who had been walking with Him for a long time. After the message, I began to question him every Wednesday about the things I had learned that week. That initiated years of my being discipled by him all through high school and even now into college. Over the past few years, God has been calling me to the ministry, from what I can tell, as a teaching pastor. I do not know yet exactly where He will lead me, but I look forward to pursuing Him each day and seeing how He places me in this world for the good of people and for His glory!

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