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Meet Me… Hana Mower


Hello, I’m Hana Mower! Currently 21 years old and majoring in ‘Advanced Theological Studies’ at Trinity College of Florida and had transferred from USF where I was a Classics major. I may be unsure of exactly where God will lead me after college but I know I’m right where He’s called me to be. I’ve grown up in Florida and have attended First Baptist Church of Dover for over 16 years, I love my church family and have been privileged to serve in our Christian Arts Department’s sound booth working the screens as well as co-teaching for the 4 year old Sunday school class. I have a brother, 8 years older, who passed away in 2009 and a sister, 10 years older, who lives in Florida. I’m excited to write for Grace Nation Ministries as we all learn and grow together!

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