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Jesus in this Tempted World | Jon McNeal

”Jesus in this tempted world”

This world today isn’t built for you to stay in the book,
But rather lost and hopeless something, that Satan took.

This world needs someone to step in and take away the dark,
And it all starts with US according to Matthew 28 to play our part.

This world is created by you and sin entered with no remorse,
Jesus come and fulfill your prophecy riding on your high-horse.

This world is filled with Idols and no not one will live up to you,
Cleanse of this rotten place make us brand-new.

This world wants to devour you, telling you lies of such sin and false teaching,
But instead we need to be reading our Bible and listening to Jesus preaching.

This world is not our destination, but for now we will stay and deliver your message,
Speaking Gods word to the lost and delivering all of us from this wreckage.

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