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Forgive Us

Lord, Forgive Us

Oh, how often do we fall into sin and then just turn a blind eye, without even a second thought, perhaps without even knowing that we have sinned against the all mighty, all loving, all powerful God.

I have been listening to a song lately, entitled “Forgive Us” by for KING & COUNTRY, here is the first verse from the song,

We’ve prayer the prayer with no reply
Words float off into the night
Couldn’t cut our doubt with the sharpest knife
O, O God forgive us

Silence isn’t comfortable
We want drive through peace and instant hope
Shallow faith, it has left us broke
O, O God forgive us

When I first heard this song, I was astounded by how relatable this feeling is, even for a student studying the Bible for a living. “Words float off into the night” it struck me that prayers can and are hindered by active unrepentant sin that is present in our lives.

Just as unforgiveness can hinder our prayers, so can sin in our lives that we have refused to confess before God. “If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened” (Psalm 66:18), says the Psalmist. Before we conclude that God has simply not heard or prayers or that it is not His will to give us what we ask, we need to examine our hearts to see if unconfessed sin stands as a barrier between ourselves and God.

While we need to continually examine our hearts, we need also to ask God to reveal our sin to us. We should ask those closest to us what they have observed in our lives. While God most often reveals sin through the reading of and meditating upon His Word, we should realize that if we do not learn our lesson from Scripture, He may have to resort to harsher tactics where our sin is revealed before others, even publicly. While this may be difficult and humiliating, He does so because He loves us and does not wish for this sin to continue to corrupt us and to stand as a barrier between Himself and us. -Tim Challies from 6 Ways to Hinder Prayer

Later in the song there is a KB feature, and if your not to sure who KB is, well…. come on…

Forgive us
Yes, we have ignored You
So busy doing Your work that we forgot that this was for You
Arms wide to our homeless Savior
But arms crossed to our homeless neighbor
On bended knee, unite us all
Set us free

What was the point of writing this? I am asking the GNM family to seek forgiveness for any unconfessed sin this week. You have been transformed by the power of the Gospel, don’t live in bondage anymore. Live in the freedom that can only be found in Christ


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