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1 Semester into SEBTS | What did I Learn?

One Semester Down…

Hey guys! It has been on my heart to begin writing more for GNM, and now that the summer is upon us, I see no better opportunity than now! As a lot of you know I have transferred from my previous school Trinity College of Florida, and have decided pursue my theological training at South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) in Wake Forest, NC.  I wanted to write a short snippet describing some of the things God has shown me so far with my time at SEBTS.

The Take Aways

1. It is a REAL Community

From the moment I stepped on to this campus I could feel the energy, the life that was happening here was like none I had ever experienced. I have been blessed in the past to be a part of an amazing youth group, a tight knit bible study, and had the best group of friends. However, when I walked onto this campus, it was like all of those things combined, surely it was evidence of my needing to be in a place such as SEBTS. The students, faculty, and families that are on campus bring such joy and life to the campus and everyone who is on it.

2. There is SERIOUS Leadership

I am BLESSED to be a part of a Seminary that has such strong leadership, and such a strong passion to see the Good News taken to the ends of the earth. Dr. Danny Aiken has always been this “idol” figure in my life, I have always looked up to his teachings, and tried to gain as much wisdom as possible from him when IImage result for SEBTS would watch his sermons on youtube. However, to be in the place where he is actively leading me, along with the rest of the students has been life transforming. Dr. Shaddix is another prime example of a leader that I have looked up to this semester! Since me being here I have been able to have more of a personal relationship with him as he is the head of the preaching department. He has set up breakfast for me with people like Dr. Anyabwile and Dr. David Platt.  Being able to sit under such amazing leadership has been one of the biggest joys this semester.

3. Great Commission CENTERED

Never, have I ever been a part of a body that has had such a focus on sending people out to share the Good News. Not only is it in their mission statement, but it is what the entire school is focussed on. You cannot walk into a MATH class for 5 minutes, without being taught the importance of the Great Commission. I think as Christians we often times downplay the importance of missions, and the Great Commission, and my time here at SEBTS has reinvigorated me to be more Great Commission minded in everything I say and do.


I could go on and on about the amazing things about SEBTS, and I would take up much to much of your time! If you are looking for an amazing Seminary that is truly focussed on sending people to reach the nations, then please check out their site here.

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