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Crossover 2018 Daily Debrief

Crossover 2018 Daily Debrief

I am excited to be attending Crossover 2018 in FortWorth Texas. This is a week long event that is focussed on winning souls to Jesus Christ. Throughout the week we will be evangelizing to just over 10,000 local people, and partnering with local churches to see the gospel taken to every neighborhood here! At the end of the week we will be concluding with the Harvest Festival which is a crusade put on by Greg Laurie. It will take place at the AT&T stadium the infamous home of the Dallas Cowboys, where they will be expecting just over 120,000 people to attend with thousands of them coming to Christ.

This is a special time, where I will be 100% focussed on sharing Christ, and building relationships with people. I want to bring you along with me on this journey.

So that you can be in prayer! God is clearly preparing to do BIG things here in Texas, and we need your prayers as we go out and share the good news!

Your my family! I want to take you along on this journey so that we can do this thing together!

So this week I will be doing daily debriefs, they will most likely be posted close to midnight each day, so be on the lookout. I am excited to share this experience with everyone!

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