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Daily Debrief #1 | Crossover 2018

So Today Happened…

Let me begin with, what an amazing day! Just being a part of an atmosphere, and a body of believers that so desperately desires for every ear to hear the Gospel is in itself, life transforming. We begun bright and early at 6:45, with breakfast and then quickly transitioned into lectures that lasted from 8am to 12pm. In these lectures we were trained and taught how to effectively share the gospel, and we were also taught how to effectively connect with people through door to door ministry (Which I plan to write an entire blog on in the near future). After we had eaten lunch we headed out to our mission field, now the way we do evangelism is quite genius (For door to door missions that is…).  We were paired with local churches in FortWorth Texas, and we went into the communities that those churches are planted in, once we made connections with the people within the community we then gave that church the information of the people we came into contact with so that the proper ministry can reach out and welcome them to the church.

Now That You Have the Gist…

My team was sent out to a Church just about 10 minutes outside of Fort Worth Texas, in a predominately Spanish and African American neighborhood. Now this put my team in a interesting position, there was a MASSIVE language barrier that I did not anticipate to encounter, and so I would estimate that we were unable to share with over 40% of the people that we came into contact with. (I should have payed attention in Spanish class, and I am not kidding, this is a serious regret.)

However, this did not stop us, we went to over 150 houses today talking with over 50 families, two of which professed a saving knowledge of Christ TODAY! PRAISE THE LORD! Now the church in that community has their information and can follow up with each of the families in the appropriate way, and get them plugged into the local body of believers.

We then ran into a group of kids playing soccer right outside of the building that they didn’t even know was a church. We were able to go and draw out the GAP diagram which shows how desperately we are in need of Jesus. Two of the children were VERY interested, and we got to speak more with them. We then got to play soccer with them, and I put up my best effort, scoring 2 goals on 8 shots! (THATS RIGHT, ILL BE WAITING FOR MY CALL, #MLS)

In Conclusion

God did some amazing things today, and I am so blessed to have been an instrument that was used in Gods saving work today! However, I am going to have to be honest, walking around, seeing such brokenness, seeing such dispair, was utterly heartbreaking. I know that this world is fallen and that we are in desperate need of Jesus, and today God really pounded that into my heart. It was clear what Gods message to me was today, and that was to create a Great Commission HEART (That is far different from a Great Commission Mind). I am asking that you would be in prayer over the next few days while the students of SEBTS minister to the people of Fort Worth Texas, and that God would use his instruments to accomplish His will, and to ultimately glorify Himself.

In Christ

Victor Gancedo


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