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Daily Debrief #2 | Crossover 2018

Lets Start With…

Today was VERY interesting, and I am excited to be able to bring some of it to you! I may not go into detail about a lot of the conversations but I will go into some of the stuff that I am comfortable sharing, obviously some is very private and I am in no place to disclose.

Stats From Yesterday

Today at our evening meeting when our seminaries collectively came together, we were presented the official statistics from yesterday, and seeing everything that God had done yesterday (June 04)

Contacts (People that we connected with in some way, shape, or form): 5,000

Conversations (People who heard the gospel in its entirety): 500 

Conversions (People who committed their life to Christ, and are now plugged into a local Church): 60  

(These are estimations, I will have more accurate numbers in the future!)

When I look above I don’t see numbers, and I know that is what you guys see. However in the evening we all gather together and share each story, about each person that we meet. I have been able to hear many of the testimonies of the new believers, and I have been able to witness multiple of the conversions!

So What Happened Today?

We began with a morning of lectures about the Bible and evangelism, which was one of the most informational, educational, and theological lectures that I have ever been in. I think I learned more in that time than I have in many of my theology classes. We then took to the streets of the same community that we were in yesterday, and began to go door to door. I was paired up with the LEGEND Dr. Scott Hildreth he serves as the Assistant to Global Studies at SEBTS and he also serves on the Elder board at the Summit Church. We had some amazing conversations and were able to pray for so many couples and families.

In the evening we headed to the soccer field were we found a bunch of kids! We wrecked them in soccer, I put up 1 goal on 1 shot as the goalie, (I am still waiting on the MLS call) and we had a blast. We got to talk about Jesus and we gave each of them a copy of the Jesus film. We are also planning a massive water balloon fight with the kids on Thursday!

My Takeaways

Doing door to door evangelism is WEIRD and AWKWARD, however I cannot say anything negative to the way it is done. I am usually able to find the problem with everything, and unlike my usual tendency I have not found a theological problem with door to door ministry, in fact most of the evangelism that was in the NT could be considered door to door. It has stretched me in ways I did not expect to be stretched, and the testimony of others has touched my heart in soul! God has done amazing things this week, and we are only on day 2 ladies and gentleman!


In Christ

Victor Gancedo

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