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Daily Debrief #3 | Crossover 2018

Today was a Rollercoaster…

This entire week is about me being transparent in my debriefs to you guys! With that being said I want to take you on a short journey through my heart and what I battled today. It was odd I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, during the morning hours it seemed as if I was just going through the motions. Have any of you all been there? My prayers were good, but not genuine, my notes were detailed, but I was focussed, and my mind was prepped for the day, but my heart was stone cold.

As we were heading to the community that we were planning on serving today i asked if I could walk to the location, after people asking “why?” I then headed on the mile hike to our designated location, I was listening to some music just sitting in a posture of prayer just to get my heart in the right position to share Gods word.

After the hike I then felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I knocked on peoples doors, and as we met people we began to minister to peoples hearts. We then met a lady, and I am not planning on disclosing any of her story, but we got to pray for healing and for God to move… and He did.

After that amazing experience I allowed a very small incident to crawl so far under my skin that I thought I was going to flip out. It then set me off again, and this pattern continued throughout the day, and God taught me a lot about my own tendencies.


The Stats… (Just from our group)

Contacts: 334

Conversations: 96

Commitments/Conversions: 13


God has done amazing things and continues to blow our minds with the amount of grace that he continues to pour out on our team. Thank you guys for following the process, and I am thankful for your continued prayers on this journey

In Christ

Victor Gancedo

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