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Daily Debrief #4 | Crossover 2018

There are going to be hard days…

and Today was one of those days. I am going to skip the morning session information, lets just say that it was AMAZING, and that Dr. Scott taught us how to pray for souls. Hudson Taylor said, “When we work, we work, but when we pray God works.”

So we headed out, we packed the van full and went into a new community that was in the same general area as the other one that we were working in before. Now the interesting thing about this community is that it was more middle class, which meant that most of the families that occupied the houses were busy at work. Which is why our luck on people answering their doors was slim. In fact today I knocked on over 50 doors, and only 2 people answered, and both of those people were not interested in anything that we had to say.

It was discouraging

After a long day  of walking miles and miles we only came into contact with a few people, the sun began to get lower, and the temperature was just scorching, the sun beating down on our heads like we were in the oven. We were DONE, so in a last stitch effort to boost the moral of the team our professor offered to buy us all ice cream.

But even when we are discouraged, God works

We headed to a Texas favorite ice cream shop, it reminded me of a Dairy Queen, but with good food, and a grocery store was attached to it on the inside, it was very unique. I was up at the front of the line eager to order the largest size ice cream they offered, and I planned on getting ALL the toppings, I mean… its free. Then I over hear my buddy in the back of the line, and I turn around and he is prayer with a family that was behind us, and they were receiving Jesus right then and there, in the line of the ice cream shop.

Even on the days that seemed to go poorly, God still finds a way to show his glory!


In Christ

Victor Gancedo

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