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His Eternal Purpose | A.W. Tozer

His Eternal Purpose

God’s sovereignty means that if there is anybody in this whole world of sinful men that should be restful and peaceful in an hour like this, it should be Christians. We should not be under the burden of apprehension and worry because we are the children of a God who is always free to do as He pleases. There is not one rope or chain of hindrance upon him, because he is absolutely sovereign.

God is free to carry out His eternal purposes to their conclusions. I have believed this since I first became a Christian. I had good teachers who taught me this and I have believed it with increasing joy ever since. God does not play it by ear, or doodle, or follow whatever happens to come into His mind or let one idea suggest another. God works according to the plans that He purposed in Christ Jesus before Adam walked in the garden, before the sun, moon, and stars were made. God, who has lived all our tomorrows and carries time in his bosom, is carrying out His eternal purposes.


Forgive me for my worry, Father. I know I can be at peace when I have such a calm Shepard , a sovereign God working out His eternal purpose in my life. AmenĀ 

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