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One Word to Describe God

If you had just one word to describe God… What would it be?

I first want to say that there are many words to describe God, and they all are right, but have you ever asked yourself the question, “If I had to describe God in one word, what would it be?” I have never thought of this question until just now. Its got me thinking, what would my answer be?

All through out Scripture there are hundreds of different words that are used to describe the God of the universe, and to be honest none of them do TRUE justice to who God is, because Gods grandeur cannot be summed up into just a single word.

BUT… thats not going to stop me from trying

I have asked many people what word they would choose, I have heard…








and so many more…  

The amazing thing about this list, is that all of the reign true, every single one of them, however I continued to search because I was searching for a word that would encompass as much of Gods character into a single English word, not a phrase, but a Word.

My One Word to Describe God is…


God is relaxed, this was probably not the word that you were expecting and to be honest it was not mine either, but let me explain. God is relaxed, there was no point in scripture where God was “sinfully anxious” or regretful, confused, or distraught. God is relaxed, he is not pacing back and forth contemplating what his next move will be in his chess match against the devil. In fact there is no chess match to be played, when Lucifer was cast out of heaven, the game was over for him, he had/has no chance of “Coming back” or “taking the lead”

God has pre determined every single action that will have ever happened before the foundations of the world. As A.W. Tozer says, “God does not play it by ear, or doodle, or follow whatever happens to come into His mind or let one idea suggest another. God works according to the plans that He purposed in Christ Jesus before Adam walked in the garden, before the sun, moon, and stars were made. God, who has lived all our tomorrows and carries time in his bosom, is carrying out His eternal purposes.”

God is Relaxed

and if God is relaxed, then why then do we deem it ok for us not to be, we worry, and we are anxious, but why? If we were truly tuned into following our leader and our example that is Christ then we would follow after his characteristics, and a major part of that is that in Christ Jesus we have the ability, the blessing, and the freedom to RELAXLike I said in a past podcast, Christianity is a religion of “rest,” why? Because God has done all the work already on the cross.


In Christ


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