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Summer Update!!!

This Summer has been…

INSANE! I have been traveling to and from Dallas, and North Carolina, and Florida, then back to North Carolina… I am officially drained. The good news is, is that I am done, I have done my summer traveling and it is time to get back to the grind!

There has been something that has been weighing on my heart, I did a small podcast on this topic but I thought that it would be beneficial to write a small mini series on the topic! What is the purpose of a Christian? I think this is an either overlooked question that many Christians don’t consider, or it is a questions that gets many people stuck with no answer.

In this mini series we will be diving into the first 9 verses of John, because before we can focus on what our purpose is we have to answer two fundamental questions, one regarding God, and the other regarding ourselves.


So buckle up and get ready for this series!

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