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The Purpose Behind Planning

Purpose Behind Planning

I have recently got into the planner game, and I just want to share a little bit about my experience and then give you 3 reasons why planning out your week/month will greatly benefit not only your physical life, but your spiritual one as well.

Since I have been in college I have always made the “pact” with myself that I was going to use the calendar on my phone to help me keep up with school work, actual work, and my social life. Yet it often turns into a new years resolution that ends before it begins. I began to get frustrated with myself so I invested in a calendar called Fantastical, which linked all my electronic devices together, and had a nice simple interface. I paid $65 for the MacBook Pro and IOS versions of the program and gave it a test run last semester. Shockingly enough, I lasted about 3 months until inevitably it became another calendar that I tossed aside and eventually uninstalled.

Now let me be honest here, this was not the calendars fault, it was a lack of discipline on my end, I just did not keep up with it, and being as tech savvy as I am, I thought for sure that the solution was tech based.

How foolish am I!

Through my failures I have come to realize that planning on a calendar is far more than just typing in dates with times, and that was the time I ran into the Passion Planner. The Passion Planner is more than a date book (although it is a calendar.) It focusses on more than just day t o day planning, it gives you a platform to plan out your goals in life, organize an often over cluttered mind, and gives you a roadmap on how to achieve your goals. Since I have begun this process I have felt in order, my goals are achievable, I am now mentally sober (as we are called to be.)

3. Reasons Planning should be a Habit Everyone Develops

1. Decluttering the Mind

This is possibly one of the biggest things that I struggle with and I am sure that I am not alone in this struggle. Ever feel like your to mentally tired or exhausted to take care of things. This is not just for dates either, planning spots in your schedule to RELAX or set milestones for yourself. Friendly reminders that stress and anxiety do not rule over your life, and mapping out practical steps that you can take to deal with stress are essential. In scripture we are called to live a life that is sober minded, and we can get “drunk” off our own cluttered brain that causes us to remove our eyes from God. Getting everything down on paper is psychologically proven reduce stress.

2. Promoting Organization

It is proven, that if you are organized you will get more work done, they go hand in hand. Now having a planner does not mean you will be instantly organized, but it is a good place to start. Funny thing was, that I scheduled 30 minutes to simply clean my room, and now that my clothes are put up I have finished more work, and been distracted less. It may seem elementary, but it is something that is very simple that many people overlook.

3.  Discipline… Discipline… Discipline

Discipline is an often despised word that we hate to incorporate into our everyday language. Yet how foolish of me to lack discipline in my everyday life. We lack discipline in many areas of our lives, like reading our Bible or memorizing scripture, and the damage that is done to our spirituality when we are not actively in scripture is monumental. Being able to develop good habits in the little things will then lead to the big ones. Like how do we expect to share the Bible/Gospel if we do not actively read it.


I have enjoyed my experience thus far with the passion planner, it promotes all the things above and so much more, I want to encourage you to simply plan…

In Christ

Victor G.

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