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Have you ever had that experience where it is far past the time that you should be asleep, but you find yourself awake, listening to music, reflecting on your life, the events that got you to where you are now? This is something that happens quite often for me, at least once a month. I think about the story about how I got to SEBTS, and when I go back and re watch that story, I see God’s hand moving me towards SEBTS as far back as six years ago. During that six-year period a lot happened, I made possibly the best group of friends ill ever have in my life, I had my first relationship, I got in a car accident, I started a ministry, I started a podcast. I could make this list go on forever, the point is, is that a lot happened, and if just one of those things were different I would not be here now. It’s CRAZY. I look back at these events and more and only feel gratitude.

Lets talk about HOW counter cultural Christianity is for a second, what other worldview allows its viewers to look back at a horrible moment in life and feel gratitude, appreciation, and FORGIVENESS? For example relationships that end “normally” cause the participants to resent, hate, hold grudges, and or bitterness towards the other person. Now I may have gone through some of that originally, but I now can look back at that point in life and thank God for not only pulling me out of that terrible situation, but that he also put me on a path to be trained and prepared for the ministry that God has called me into.

Sometimes reflecting is not always overly joyful, sometimes it brings up feelings that you pushed away, or that you didn’t want to deal with. This is unfortunately where I believe that most people fall, and it can be dangerous if not dealt with properly.

We have to realize that emotions should not be driving us, if we rely on our emotions, we are giving Satan an open door to do whatever he wants with us. We are essentially doing his job for him. Reflecting is a good, and positive thing. It is a mechanism that God has given us to help clear our mind, to help us be sober-minded, to help us stay tunnel visioned on God.

Take tonight and reflect on where you’re at in life right now, whether good or bad, dissect your thoughts, it will help you understand yourself better, and ultimately allow you to pursue God with a clearer mind.


In Christ


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