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This is Going to be a Fun Semester… Here’s Why!

Day 1

So today my semester officially begun, not only did I have my first official day on staff at the Summit Church, but my classes also begun. If you don’t know about me or how I come up with things to write about, I will give you some insight. I tend to write on things/topics that are being discussed around me. Inspiration is drawn this way, and its how I become super passionate about certain issues or topics.

With that being said, I tend to draw a lot of what I write about from the things that I am being taught in class. They tend to normally go hand in hand. This means that you guys are in for a FANTASTIC year, this semester I am being saturated in greek, and in the historical context in which Scripture was written. Today alone sparked so many AMAZING ideas that I cannot wait to DIVE into later this week! I did however notice how CRAZY my semester is going to be. I have been out running around since 7am, and I am just now as of 11pm able to sit down and write this, and I have not even touched my homework.

I am excited for this challenge, and pumped for the things that God has in store for us as a ministry.

Victor G.

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