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Loneliness | Bayli Webb

Loneliness | Bayli Webb

Genesis 2:18

Loneliness can be a subject most people want to look over and not really open up about. Often loneliness can be defined by the absence of people physically or mentally. We get this idea from the world, that in order to fill this gaping hole we might need more people in our lives. This isn’t the whole case, loneliness is not just the absence of people but “the presence of pain, the pain of separation from God. Loneliness at it’s root, is a spiritual issue. We don’t need to merely hang out with more friends. We don’t need to merely learn how to speak love languages. We need help. We need a savior. We need an advocate whose name is Christ Jesus.” (Tony Reinke) In Genesis 2:18 God approached Adam in the garden of Eden and said “It is not good that the man should be alone” not because Adam was lonely, but because he was making a statement about himself. He was saying, ‘It is not good for man to be alone, because one man cannot glorify me by himself’. God creates people to glorify him!! we aren’t meant to do this life alone. The bible shows us great scriptural truth that God did not give us people to complete us, but to complement us as we seek to glorify him together in community. I encourage you to lay down your loneliness at the alter and pray to our Lord for community and fellowship. It is so incredible to grow with others who have a fire in their heart for Jesus! Our father is so good, we give you all the glory Jesus.

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