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What I’ve Learned | Vocational Ministry

I have officially been working at the Summit Church for a little over 1 month, and I have to say… it has been a fantastic month. I have never “worked” at a church, yes I have served in a few different capacities; as a small group leader, as an audio producer, and as a web developer. Yet this is severely different, mainly because I get a paycheck. Now obviously with a paycheck comes FAR more work than I am use to doing in a church setting, this caused me to have to make some adjustments to my daily life, and how I structure my time.

My Role

So at the Summit church I am involved in a few different things, however I focus most of my attention on curriculum development. I work hand and hand with the youth pastor to create curriculum for the entire youth ministry (11 campuses). We are aiming to go through the entire Bible in 3 years, we are currently in Genesis. When I heard that I was going to be writing curriculum my eyes lit up, this type of work is write up my ally.

Curriculum Writing is a “Gloryless” Job

Curriculum writing is about as behind the scenes as any job in the church. The weird thing is, is that every student that walks into the Summit youth group will be handed a copy of something that I have wrote, yet no one will know. THIS IS AMAZING… I probably have not share much of my struggle with pride with you on GNM, but ill be short and just say that I struggle with pride, that means that God put this job on my radar for a PURPOSE, and I absolutely love it. Doing ministry in the background has probably been some of the most fulfilling ministry that i have had the joy to be a part of in my life.

Curriculum Writing Requires Biblical Fluency

I have had the joy of intentionally studying theology for already over 10 years (Which is not that long) and I would say that my Biblical fluency is decent. However curriculum writing requires a set of tools that I just don’t have yet. It requires me to not only understand the narrative that is being portrayed, but also have a deep understanding of the historical and theological context’s of the selected passage. I have seen my Bible fluency increase MONUMENTALLY in the past month alone, which makes me so excited to see what is going to happen in the next 8 months.


All in all it has been possibly one of the most fruitful seasons in my life, getting plugged into a caring church that values the development of people who are called into vocational ministry. The Summit Church takes peoples passions seriously training people up to glorify God in and through anything they do!


In Christ

Victor Gancedo

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