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So as some of you may know Job is my favorite book out of the wisdom literature genre that is found in scripture. Yes I enjoy Job, more than both Psalms and Proverbs…. sue me. Conveniently the Bible study that I began a few weeks ago has transitioned into the book of Job, having not been in it for a while I was pumped, and still am. Today as I was studying I came across an interesting discovery and I just wanted to take a moment or two, to discuss it.

Normally I would take a bit of time to explain the historical, and linguistic context, but for the times sake I will explain my discovery and leave the research to you guys!

This is a quote from my current Bible study I am going through;

H0w could God allow this to happen? God allowed Satan to kill Job’s children. How can that be? Doesn’t Job’s righteousness count for anything?

These are often the questions that we ask ourselves and others when we read the book of Job, and just to be honest we come up with answers that are either just short of what the truth is, or answers that are completely wrong. I would often here answers, “Well God allowed this to happen because God would be glorified.” Well yes, this is of course true, but the wisdom literature is constructed less for theological and systematic interpretation and more for spiritual and emotional guidance to how to live life in a fallen world. (I plan on writing more on this, but for the sake of argument we need to run with this.)

1. Job’s “Righteousness” wasn’t his.

We have to understand that this righteousness that Job had was not Job’s, it was God’s. God had given Job his righteousness similar to the way we receive Christ’s righteousness when we receive Him as our personal Lord and Savior. The reason Job was blameless in the sight of God was not because he did good things, but because God had given Job His righteousness, which put Job in RIGHT standing before God.

That means that…

2. These trials were not testing Job’s righteousness.

These trials were instead testing Job’s faith, not righteousness. I think this is a key concept to unlock about the book of Job, because then our understanding of the entire narrative shifts, this is not God being unfair, mean, or punishing Job. Instead this was used as a tool to strengthen Jobs faith, THROUGH, the righteousness that was gifted to him by God the father.

3. Job never “lost” righteousness.

Even when Job did not meet the standards that God required of Him, Job is still in right standing with God, that never changed, in fact it CANNOT change. What can change and what did change was the level in which Job trusted God, in the midst of bad times.


Once we have been born again, and received the Holy Spirit, we are SEALED. That means that the righteousness that we have received because of Christ’s death has been placed on us, and there is NOTHING that we can do to make it increase or decrease. We are in RIGHT standing with God the father.


In Christ

Victor G

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